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"I really love the still life work and the guys in the orange vests. You have this amazing ability to capture light. I mean it practically spills off the page and lights up the room. Just gorgeous."

-Julie Snyder

"I have the honor of owning some of Chuck Rosenthal's paintings. I keep them close, one in my bedroom and another in the living room. They high-light the space, remind me of elegant pasts and touchable fruit that fades into shadow so I must look closer to imagine the whole". I saw Chuck's work at a studio years ago and promised myself to own one in my future. A year or two went by and I had the good fortune to meet him via a friend and watch him paint and see his collection of pictures. One led to two and then to three and I hope for yet another. They take on their own life and I look forward to seeing them each day. Funny how personal a favorite photo or song or painting can become . . . and these I own are favorites of mine. Thank you for the joy".

-Trish Garner

"Although I have yet to own any of Chuck's paintings, I am a huge admirer of his work. I love how he evokes a sense of gentler times past, and capture the essence of light and shadow just as the old masters did. I plan to become a collector".

-Mandy Wildman

"As an artist myself, I value Chuck Rosenthal's realistic approach in his works. I purchased "Still Life Study" and appreciate his control of lighting and his ability to express realism. I look at this work as an investment piece for my personal collection".

-Chris Likens





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