About Chuck Rosenthal Fine Artist

About the Artist Chuck Rosenthal


Chuck Rosenthal enlisted for military duty in September of 1958 and was discharged from duty in 1960. In 1963, hoping to embark on a career in commercial art, he attended the National Academy of Design in New York City .

His first year was spent studying under Morton Roberts, a great illustrator and fine artist who passed away long before his time. Initially the intention had been to learn to draw so as to be able to do illustration, but after three months commercial art was forgotten and fine art had become the goal. Subsequently Chuck studied with Daniel Greene and, very briefly, with David Leffel and Frank Mason at the Art Students League of New York

In his first year at the National Academy he was awarded a six-month scholarship to the Academy. Several years later he was awarded the Dr. Weiler student prize at the Academy. In addition, through the efforts of Daniel Greene, he was awarded, in 1966, a scholarship membership in the prestigious Salmagundi Club, America’s oldest arts and letters club, and won an honorable mention in that year’s scholarship members’ competition.

During the intervening years from 1966 on Chuck painted off an on, learning, but unable to devote the kind of time necessary to achieving a career in fine art . Progress toward the possibility of achieving a career was further delayed by illnesses in the family over a period of about fifteen years. In 1998, he left New York City and moved to Clearwater , Florida . Since that time he has been studying and painting and moving closer to the goal of becoming full time as a professional fine artist. In 2000 he attained two first-place awards and one third-place award at the Clearwater Fine Artists and Crafters Show in Clearwater , Florida and in 2004 his pastel painting of the old Clearwater Memorial Bridge was selected to the Punta Gorda international juried competition. Additionally a painting was purchased by a local Clearwater corporation and donated to Clearwater City Hall .

Several of his paintings are on exhibit at the Park Place Gallery in Kansas City , Missouri.

Artist Statement

In a painting everything is represented and controlled by the presence or absence of light. A painting should glow with light and objects should flow in and out of the light, fading off into shadow or haze and then emerging gloriously into light, without which of course, there is nothing at all.

And if the artist can catch that exact quality of light just right it will make a tremendous impact on the viewer, for it is light by both its presence and absence that pulls one’s attention to the picture surface and beyond into the depths of the painting.

And it is light and its absence that supplies the drama and tension in a work of art.

Color is important, but you can execute an entire painting in red, black, yellow and white, ignoring pure color and if the expression of light is perfectly represented then all else will fall into place.

Thus my purpose is to represent common sights and scenes that have everything to do with light and the way it plays across form and fades into shadow, only to reemerge with another form, weaving in and out of the the depths of the painting in a manner to excite the eye and mind of the viewer

List of Collectors

Albert Kislin, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Rose Adele Levy, N.Y., N.Y. (deceased)
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Lefkowitz, Trenton, N. J.
Herman Pippin, Raleigh, N.C.
Amanda Ambrose, Clearwater, FL.
Richard Grassi, L.A., CA.
Trish Garner, Clearwater, FL.
Laurie Jessup, Clearwater, FL.
Dr. Julie Gatza, Clearwater, FL.
Giovanni Ribisi, L.A., CA.
Jack Sheppard, Natick, MA. (deceased)
Chris Likens, K.C., MO.
Jody Price, Olathe, KS.
Clearwater City Hall, Clearwater, FL.
Bridge Publications.
McGraw-Hill Publications.